Why would you want to run the Iditarod?
I am very goal orientated. There is not a very good reason for
wanting to run this race. I do however know, that I will ride into

How do you keep warm while running and training?
The clothing that I wear is designed for the extreme temperatures
insulation layer. My base layer is by GO Athletic Apparel, and is
great. Between my base layer and my shell, I wear LOKI products. I
just warm these products are. Without LOKI, my year would not be
going as well.

What do you eat? Where do you go to the bathroom?
I eat frozen food that I am able to boil and heat up while melting
snow for the dogs. I make a bunch of food, then freeze it for
training and races. While participating in any outdoor activity
alone, there are any number of places to"take care of business!"

Is there anything that I can donate or send you to use?
Yes, yes, yes!!  The easiest way to help or donate is to send either
gift cards, debit cards,  or of course, good old American cash is
wonderful. Thank you so very much!
Team Moon Dog Sled