Any educational, scouting, religious, or civic group that provides
Team Moon with two (preferably three) patches, Pat will have these
put onto his sled bag or outer parka, to show that institutions
unwavering support!

There is a suggested donation of $100 to participate in this
program. At least one of the patches will be returned in display
format, chronicling where in the world that patch has been and
how far it has traveled.

For schools that host Pat for a presentation or assembly, this is
included in that donation.

Show the world who your classroom follows and that you are a
Team Moon supporter!

Corporate patch space is also available. Please inquire about
donation requirements.

Education is extremely important to Pat and the entire Team Moon
family. From his educational presentations, return letters to
students, to his sharing time with special needs children, Pat I
focused on furthering the entire learning experience!

(For any organization that is unable to meet the suggested
donation, please contact Pat for further details.)
Team Moon Dog Sled