Pat is available for school, scouting, religious, or corporate groups to share
his story of preparation, training, and running in dog sled races. This
presentation includes all the equipment that a musher may use, including
arctic winter gear, sled, and if allowed, a dog!

Each presentation is modeled to fit the needs of each group. No two
presentations are the same, and Pat will get the most out of those attending.

Suggested donation is $350 for a half day and $500 for the entire day. In an
effort to bring this sport to as many students as possible, please email Pat if
you are interested in a presentation, but the suggested donation is an issue.
We are willing to work with anyone who would like to hear us.

"It isn't often when a teacher can bring a lesson to life and today at
Creekside we did!!! After learning about and following the Iditarod for over 5
years we had the opportunity to have a TRUE musher come visit and talk to
the entire school!!!! Thank you Pat!! You are awesome!!!"
- IL U46 Elementary Teacher

"How you kept 300 high school upperclassman's attention throughout the
entire presentation was amazing. Thank you for the day!"
- Chicago Public School, Biology teacher

"Year after year, the kids look forward to your presentation, especially, Hera
the Wonderdog!!"
-River Forest Elementary Teacher

"He is an inspiring, informative, and humorous speaker (voted "the BEST
speaker we've had" by the employees of Rippinger Financial Group."
Team Moon Dog Sled